Equal Opportunity Housing

Proyecto Azteca is an equal housing opportunity organization; we believe in equal housing opportunities for all persons we service and therefore do not practice nor do we support anyone who practices housing discrimination on the basis of race,color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and familial status. 

Proyecto Azteca has a variety of programs to offer; all of the families who qualify are based on family size and annual income. The income guidelines are set by United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and typically require that a family be at or below the area median income (AMI); these guidelines change every year. 


You can find more information on equal opportunity housing here: FAIR HOUSING BROCHURE


Puede encontrar más información sobre la vivienda igualdad de oportunidades aquí: EQUIDAD EN LA VIVIENDA


To be eligible for the Proyecto Azteca Self-Help Housing Program, families must meet the following requirements:

  • Families must be living in substandard housing conditions

  • Families must reside within Hidalgo County

  • Families must meet income requirements (Come by our office for more details)

  • Families must complete 550 sweat equity hours (Home Construction)

  • Families are also required to attend 1st time homebuyer’s education class, financial literacy class, and home maintenance/repair class


THE MISSION OF PROYECTO AZTECA is rooted in the hope of creating a more equitable society, is to build healthy and thriving communities by assisting low and very low income families, traditionally denied home ownership opportunities, with the construction of quality affordable houses, and empowering them to become responsible home owners with an enhanced quality of life.


LA MISIÓN DE PROYECTO AZTECA, enraizada en la esperanza de crear una sociedad más equitativa, es construir comunidades saludables y prósperas, ayudando a las familias de bajos y muy bajos ingresos, tradicionalmente negados oportunidades de obtener viviendas, con la construcción de viviendas económicas y de calidad, y apoderar los para convertirse en propietarios de casa responsables con una mejor calidad de vida.