Proyecto Azteca Assistance Process


  • Application: In order to qualify for any of our programs/services, a family needs to fill out an initial application (renew application every year and update it if there are any contact information changes such as telephone number or mailing address)

  • Pre-Qualification: (the family is called in from the waiting list which is comprised of approximately 4,000 families)

    • ​Depending on the available program, we call the potential family. We do an initial interview to determine if the family meets the requirements (owning a lot, home and lot, location, etc.). We then notify the family, the family submits their application along with the necessary documentation for the underwriting; we explain the program and financing (0)% interest, mortgage payment includes taxes and insurance- both of which are required), Proyecto Azteca makes an offer if the family is found eligible. We sign an approval packet then submit it to the lender/funder. 

  • The family receives funding for construction

  • Construction begins

  • During construction: Families are required to begin and complete their 550 sweat equity hours and attend a first-time home buyers class. 

  • End of construction: we do an evaluation interview where we evaluate if the family met all program requirements, discuss the connection of utilities and closing with our attorney. 

  • Closing with attorney: The family closes with our attorney and Proyecto Azteca transfers title to the family. 

  • Family pays for insurance/moves into their home and begins their payment plan. Once we receive 100% inspection, the family pays for the difference in insurance before moving into the house. We give the family the keys to their new home and set up a final interview with the family where we discuss the payment agreement (principal, taxes and insurance).